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What We Do
Windhaven™ is a highly experienced editorial service offering consulting & developmental editing for publishing houses, businesses, and authors; full-service typesetting & design; research, copyediting, and proofreading services; and Web design and construction.  

We can offer what few other online editorial services can: over 17 years of experience in the professional New York book publishing industry ... and still ongoing. 

Editorial Services
Windhaven's editorial services include full developmental editing, consulting editing, contract advisement, agenting advisement, researching services, copyediting & line-editing, and proofreading. We can take a manuscript from concept to full development, provide writing for the author (often referred to as ghost-writing--samples of published books we have co-written are available upon request), or simply provide copyediting and proofreading services for either authors or publishers.  
Typesetting & Book Design
Our typesetting services run the gamut from brochures and business card design to typesetting and designing full books. We provide the typesetting and interior designs for Baen Books (distributed by Simon & Schuster), both paperbacks and hardcovers. Combined with our on-demand publishing knowledge & contacts, we can provide both authors who wish to self-publish and traditional publishers the opportunity to create inexpensive (but not "cheap"!) books in less than a tenth of the time conventional publishing/printing has taken in the past.  
Web Design & Implementation
Finally, Windhaven™ has an active, experienced team of designers, programmers, and Internet experts to help you create the domain you need for your business or personal use. We can provide full Web page development, advisement on Internet strategies, CGI scripting, Java development, and even offer a highly experienced team to create an online community for your site (one of our team has been a senior management consultant for Excite Corp. in developing Web communities). Our director, Nancy C. Hanger, is a well-known tech/Net-issues writer for BYTE magazine, with her own monthly column ("While Working...") (www.byte.com).
Windhaven's Own Domain
We maintain a virtual office for our freelance or remote employees using Virtual Places™ chat technology, on the Excite network, in order to allow for remote meetings, daily communication, and an office environment which does not depend on location. If you are interested in creating a virtual office, please contact Windhaven Press™ for further information on this and many other programs which we can design into Web sites for your business use. There has never been a good reason to pay a portal company for "virtual office space" — build and maintain your own as easily as a web page, with no extra costs.

Our Editorial Clients include:

HarperCollins Publishers 
St. Martin's Press
Time-Warner Inc.
Wiley Computer Publishing
Morgan Kauffman Publishers
Byron Preiss Publishing
Learning International, Inc. (a Times-Mirror Company)
Baen Books
Avon Books (HarperCollins Publishers)
Doubleday Direct (Doubleday Book Clubs)

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