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by Nancy C. Hanger

Marlowe & Co., September 2003, ISBN 1-56924-509-6
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Day One
Living: Diagnosis—At Last
Learning: What Is Lupus?

Day Two
Living: “I Feel Like I’m Grieving”
Learning: Rheumatology

Day Three
Living: Accepting Your Lupus
Learning: Starting to Learn More About Lupus
Day Four
Living: Stress
Learning: FAQ—Living With Lupus

Day Five
Living: Doctors and Specialists
Learning: SLE-Related Syndromes & Conditions

Day Six
Living: Fibromyalgia and Systemic Lupus
Learning: What is Fibromyalgia?

Day Seven

Living: Chronic Fatigue
Learning: Clinical Fatigue

Week Two
Living: Drug Treatments for Systemic Lupus
Learning: Lupus Medications and Their Effects

Week Three
Living: Systemic Lupus as a “Women’s Disease”
Learning: History & Modern Expectations and Prognosis of Lupus

Week Four
Living: “I Feel Like I’ve Lost My Mind”
Learning: A Clinical Approach to Neurological Effects of Lupus

Month Two
Living: Overlapping Syndromes
Learning: Common Overlapping Syndromes With Lupus

Month Three
Learning: Sjögren’s and Raynaud’s Syndromes
Living: Living with Sjögren’s and/or Raynaud’s Syndrome

Month Four
Learning: What is the Lupus Mask?
Living: Life as a Wolf

Month Five

Learning: The Pulmonary System and Systemic Lupus
Living: Pulmonary System Complications in Lupus Patients

Month Six
Learning: The Lupus Anticoagulant Factor
Living: Preventing and Living With DVTs

Month Seven
Living: Digestive Problems with Systemic Lupus
Learning: Digestive & Bowel Syndromes Associated with Lupus

Month Eight

Living: Being Kind to Your Kidneys
Learning: Lupus Nephritis and Other Kidney Dysfunction

Month Nine
Learning: Sleep Disorders
Living: Sleep Disorders Common to Lupus

Month Ten
Living: Can I Get Pregnant & Have a Healthy Baby?
Learning: Pregnancy & Lupus

Month Eleven
Learning: Alternative Treatments for Lupus
Living: Alternative Versus Traditonal?

Month Twelve
Learning: Lupus Research and the Future
Living: Your Life with Lupus


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NANCY C. HANGER is a freelance writer and editor who was diagnosed with lupus-related syndromes in the early 1990s after more than two decades of seeking a diagnosis. She is the coauthor of Essential Business Tactics for the Net and a columnist for BYTE.com and WIRED News. Her freelance business, Windhaven Press, handles book editing and production for most of the major New York publishing houses. She lives in New Hampshire with three cats, one husband, and over ten thousand books in a 150-year-old farmhouse--give or take a few decades. She hopes to have her house/barn rennovations completed before the next century.

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