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 Essential Business Tactics for the Net 
Guide to Essential Business Tactics for the Net (Wiley, Jun 1998) 
developed, researched & cowritten by Nancy C. Hanger 
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Highly recommended - 
produced or edited by Windhaven recently:
Echoes of Honor
Echoes of Honor (David Weber) 
(Baen Books, Oct 1998, hardcover 592pp.)
Order your copy now - already on the Amazon future bestseller list as #13 out of millions of books!
The Honor Harrington series continues!
This series is one of the best in SF today - we highly recommend any Honor book to readers who enjoy adventure, action, thriller plots, and a damn fine female main character. Honor rocks!
Six Moon Dance 
Six Moon Dance (Sheri Tepper) 
(Avon, Aug 1998, hardcover  464 pp.) 
One of the best books I was privileged to work on in 1998. She weaves a beautiful fantasy story dealing with a planet's social history and evolution, particularly the male-female social relationships, with an investigation from outside, taken on by artists, including a dancer. Easily worthy of an award this year. 
Accidental Creatures 
Accidental Creatures (Anne Harris) 
(Tor, Jul 1998, hardcover 288 pp.) 
Another winner - this is a fascinating book. Harris on the surface deals with a biotechnology corp. that is creating a new species that can live in their vats of biopolymers, but has a far deeper discussion of humanity and the impact of near-future technology. 
Shards of a Broken Crown 
Shards of a Broken Crown (Raymond Feist)
(Serpentwar Saga, Vol. 4)
(Avon, Apr 1998, hardcover 448pp) 
Excellent, always, this book is crafted well enough that it can stand on its own for a new reader. A terrific finale to this series by a master of fantasy. 
Diplomatic Act 
Diplomatic Act (Peter Jurasik & William H. Keith) 
(Peter is a star on Babylon 5 - playing Londo Mulari!!) 
(Baen, Aug 1998, hardcover 480pp.)
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With the Lightnings 
With the Lightnings (David Drake) 
(Baen, Jul 1998, hardcover 336pp.) 
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Komar (Lois McMaster Bujold) 
(Baen, Jun 1998, hardcover 320pp.) 
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Classics edited by Windhaven 
I highly reccomend these as books everyone should have in their home library. Classics with understandable, clear annotations and good references and bibliographies - everyone should read these at least once in their lives.
The Essential Phantom of the Opera (NAL, Oct 1996) 
developed & researched by Nancy C. Hanger 
The Essential Frankenstein (NAL, 1993) 
Nancy C. Hanger, research associate 

The Essential Dracula (NAL, 1993) 
Nancy C. Hanger, research associate 

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